Tanis Galik

Yarn Choices for Interlocking Crochet™

I’ve received several questions about the yarns I use for Interlocking Crochet™. The terms differ depending on your county. However, if you know the hook size suggested for the yarn you want to use, it will help. Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik The Coats nylon (www.coatsandclark.com) is described as 100% nylon […]

Share Interlocking Crochet™ Pictures on Ravelry

Some crocheters are beginning to send me pictures of their Interlocking Crochet™ projects. Below are two from Interlocking Crocheter Lisa. Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik Why not post your pictures so everyone can see them? First, join http://www.Ravelry.com. It’s free. Then you can post all your pictures in your “notebook”. Also, you […]

Why meet with local crafters?

I live in a small town. While visiting a local sanctuary for abandoned animals, the tour guide (knowing I’m a crocheter), asked if I could refer her to any spinners. They had just sheared their alpacas, sheep and other yarn-producing animals and they wanted to sell the “wool” at a large discount to someone who […]

Tanis Galik

Tanis Galik

Tanis Galik is an award-winning crochet designer, an experienced teacher and author. Interlocking Crochet is her best-selling crochet book which explores a unique technique that creates a reversible crochet fabric. Tanis learned the basics of Interlocking Crochet™ at a class presented by James Walters and Sylvia Cosh. For the next 14 years she experimented with […]