How to Balance an Interlocking Crochet Design – Top with Bottom Edge

To balance a design panel you’ll want the ending top edge to match the beginning bottom edge. If they do not automatically match, you usually just have to add one plain mesh A-colored row of dcif or dcib to balance the design. However, sometimes you just have to experiment with the last row or two in order to complete a panel. For example the Castle Top design requires a little extra work.

After completing the 2 A-colored and B-colored rows to the length you want, return to the front side.

Drop B to the back

With A color work one row of dcib across.

With B color work one row of dcib across and drop B to the back.

Turn project around.

Work only one more A-colored row of dcib across.

You now have a balanced design and are ready to unite the edges.

Balance ABalance B

If you need more instruction on how to execute the Interlocking Crochet technique, look at the written instructions and pictures on this website. Or I also have a video workshop demonstrating the technique and walking you through several of the designs at www.YouTube.com Tanis Galik Playlists.

2 comments on “How to Balance an Interlocking Crochet Design – Top with Bottom Edge

  1. I’m really struggling to find the patterns to your free ic patterns would love to download and start a new project

  2. Just click on the pattern names and designs under them to open the pdf file links. The same is true of the New IC Designs. If you can’t open pdf files, email me and I will try to email you a copy of the pattern you want in another form.

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