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Share Interlocking Crochet™ Pictures on Ravelry

Some crocheters are beginning to send me pictures of their Interlocking Crochet™ projects. Below are two from Interlocking Crocheter Lisa.

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Why not post your pictures so everyone can see them? First, join www.Ravelry.com. It’s free. Then you can post all your pictures in your “notebook”.

Also, you can share your photos and comments with a specific Interlocking Crochet™ group. There are currently two. Go to: Groups and type in Interlocking Crochet™. Join the group of your choice. After you post your pictures on your page, there is a pull-down menu that allows others in the group to see your photo on the group’s main page with a link to your project.

For help click on the ?. All the information on how to join a group, post your pictures and connect the pictures with your group can be found.

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