Yarn Choices for Interlocking Crochet™

I’ve received several questions about the yarns I use for Interlocking Crochet™. The terms differ depending on your county. However, if you know the hook size suggested for the yarn you want to use, it will help.

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The Coats nylon (www.coatsandclark.com) is described as 100% nylon crochet thread and uses a G-6/4mm hook. It seems to be equal to a fine/2 sports yarn. I would think any nylon thread that is comfortable with a G-6/4mm hook would work. I also have bought from a website (www.creativeyarnsource.com) that has some comparisons. The La Campana nylon is close to the Coats. Any cotton (or for that matter any yarn) that worked comfortably with a G-6/4mm hook could be used as the other yarn in the crocheting of the Two-Tone Business Tote found on page 93 of Interlocking Crochet™. An additional note about the creative yarn source website: it offers a vast choice of colors greatly expanding your options for any project in which you want to use nylon crochet thread.

As for the worsted yarn used in the Autumn Woods Scarf, page 88 of Interlocking Crochet™, the reason it worked so well is that it was made from baby alpaca – as light and as soft as can be. A normal worsted of acrylic and possibly even wool would be too heavy and stiff. What the yarn is composed of really makes a difference. A double knit could work well as long as it is a very soft yarn.

Also, if you use a hook larger than the recommended size, it will also loosen the stitch and make it softer and more flexible. Try a little sample and see how it feels near your skin and how flexible it is.

The baby blanket was made in an acrylic worsted/aran. However, I recently found Bernat Softee Baby (www.bernat.com) which is 100% acrylic and a very soft yarn. It is called light 3 which would be the same as the DK yarn. It uses a G/4mm hook, but I would still use an I-9/5.5mm hook because I want the blanket super soft. If it’s too soft for you, try a smaller hook.

2 comments on “Yarn Choices for Interlocking Crochet™

  1. Please tell me why you would use highly flammable acrylic yarn to make baby items? We all hope that a fire is never going to happen but they DO happen. Not only do the fibres melt – sticking to skin, they also give off fumes even when they are not burning. Babies have a difficulty staying healthy in this toxic world so why add to the burden and risk by wrapping them in hormone disrupting, flammable yarn?
    PS. Love your book. Have tried some of the patterns with samplers – absolutely brilliant.

  2. Yarn used is dictated by the publisher of books or magazines.

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