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Teaching Interlocking Crochet™ to Others

If it is at all possible, bring a computer to your class or teaching session and show the free videos from the Interlocking Crochet™ website so people can watch the concept and the stitches up close before you assist them individually.

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I have found showing the videos before trying each step really helps others to see and understand what is actually happening. My first teaching experience with Interlocking Crochet™, I just explained the steps verbally and drew pictures on a board. It was hard for most people to understand and see what I was doing. However, when I switched to showing the video before explaining and helping everyone individually, it made a big difference.

First, I have them watch Step 1 – Mesh Foundation, then we work that step and I help each one individually. Those who are ready, move on to Step 2 – Working a DCIB or Back Stitch. They watch it and work on that step. Again, I am able to answer questions and check their work. When ready, individuals move on to Step 3 – Working a DCIF or Front Stitch. Step 4 – Zigzag Stitch helps them practice both stitches. Finally, there is the Uniting the A and B Sides into one fabric, showing how to finish your piece.

In this way everyone can learn at her/his own pace and will not feel pressured to keep up with those that understand it more quickly. Also, any time someone wants to review a step or stitch, it is available to watch as many times as they need from their home computers.

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