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Color Choices for Interlocking Crochet™

I tend to pick colors with strong contrasts, especially working a warm shade with a cool shade or a bright color with a dark one. Colors you normally wouldn’t think to put together can make the most interesting combinations.

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In fact, I’ve found that if the hues are too close together, the design doesn’t pop. I made an afghan using a blue yarn and a green yarn that were the same depth of color. It was relaxing to look at, but the designs disappeared.

Unfortunately, I have to actually see the yarns next to each other to make a choice. Even a slight change in shade can make a big difference when pairing it with another color. That is the reason I have trouble buying yarn on the Internet. Even though there is a huge selection to choose from, the colors on my computer screen are usually not true to the actual colors. And as I said, a different shade can really make a big difference – and not in a good way.

Even when I’m familiar with a yarn (if it has a dye lot number), the color can change just enough between dye lots that it no longer works. What is the answer? For me it’s going to yarn stores and specialty shops that carry a wide selection of yarns or at least have yarn cards with actual samples of the yarn attached so I can feel the yarn and see the colors.

Buying yarn is a very tactile and visual experience. When I see a new color or touch a yarn that inspires me, that’s when I really want to get busy and start crocheting something special.

One comment on “Color Choices for Interlocking Crochet™

  1. very interesting!!
    I like so much.

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